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Thompson Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing exceptional educational opportunities for students and teachers in Thompson School District.

Since 1989, TEF has been focused on student success. The foundation supports over 60 programs, activities, and scholarships in partnership with Thompson School District, serving students in Loveland, Berthoud, south Fort Collins and outlying communities.

TEF relies on donations and volunteers from our communities to help our students and educators thrive. 


Featured Fund: Dr. Stan Scheer Memorial Student Opportunity Fund



A lifelong educator in work and in life, Dr. Stan Scheer provided innovative, strong and steady leadership at the superintendent level in Hazelton, MO, Littleton, CO, Murrieta, CA and Loveland, CO. He retired in June 2018 after serving as superintendent for the Thompson School District. Dr. Scheer was always about the “extra”. He exemplified going the extra mile when caring for others; when celebrating the success of his family, friends, staff and students; and when faced with tough challenges, he always made the extra effort to guide himself and others through. He was the comforting hand on the shoulder of a tired friend, the mile-wide smile for the colleague having a good day, the loving husband/father/grandfather to his family and the inspiration for thousands of students across the country. Dr. Stan Scheer was a man of heart and integrity. To honor his memory, Thompson Education Foundation has created the Dr. Stan Scheer Memorial Student Opportunity Fund to emulate his “extra” for students. Quietly, in the background, Dr. Scheer assisted students financially, many in such a way that they often didn’t know where the support came from. This fund will continue his support for Thompson School District students, providing gap funding and ensuring opportunities when there are barriers in the way.



The purpose of the Dr. Stan Scheer Memorial Student Opportunity Fund is to provide financial support that removes barriers for Thompson School District students to embrace individual academic, leadership, recognition and extracurricular opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible because of financial need.



The Dr. Stan Scheer Memorial Student Opportunity Fund is intended as a last resort to fill gaps or shortfalls when other funding sources can’t meet the full need of the opportunity.

Individual student recipients must be recommended by district, school or coaching staff to receive support. The opportunities must be Thompson School District approved or sponsored and can be curricular or extracurricular (team, group or club activity).


To donate to the Dr. Stan Scheer Memorial Student Opportunity Fund in support of Thompson School District students, send checks to Thompson Education Foundation, 800 S Taft Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537 or online. For more information, call 970-613-5074.



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