TEF has awarded over $2 million dollars in scholarship awards to TSD graduates.

How to Apply

TEF scholarship applications for 2022 graduates are open. Students can apply through 11:59pm on Sunday, March 6, 2022

Please note: It is not guaranteed that every scholarship will be offered each year.

Available to seniors from Thompson Valley High School who attended Walt Clark Middle School as their feeder school.

B. Scott Olson Memorial Scholarship

Available to Berthoud High School students who are graduating and making plans for post-secondary education, whether a 4-year, 2-year, or certification program.

Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Available to Loveland High School seniors who are on the track team. Student must plan to attend a 2-year or 4-year college/university. 

Bob Ball Track and Field Scholarship

For students from Thompson Valley High School who participated in at least two individual sports, demonstrate academic success and have financial need.

Dan McQueen Scholarship

Available to graduating students who will continue their education in the area of instrumental music study. If qualified instrumental music study applications are not received in a given year, vocal music study applications may be considered.

Erna & Neil Mentzer Music Scholarship

Available to any college-bound senior in good standing whose life activities demonstrate true compassion and service. For example: political and environmental activism, concern for civil rights, support for world peace, and respect for diversity.

Jabaily Community Service Scholarship

Available to seniors from Loveland, Thompson Valley, Ferguson, and Mountain View High Schools who plan to pursue a career in the construction industry (welding, auto mechanics, equipment operations, plumbing, electrical, construction management, etc) at a vocational or trade school.

Loveland Contractors / Vocational Trade Scholarship

Available to seniors who plan to attend a 2-year community college program, certification program, or vocational school. Consideration will be given to students based on their academic and extracurricular activities.

Loveland Golden K Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship

2-year program scholarships available to: (1) students overcoming personal or financial challenges, (2) students bound for hands-on trade schools, (3) students bound for auto technology training, and (4) students bound for training as Special Education teachers or therapists.

Loveland Rotary
CTE  Scholarships

-Academic Scholarships for well-rounded students who excel academically and show a spirit of community service,

-MacDonald Scholarship for high achieving students with an emphasis on engineering, pre-med, nursing, or math,.

-Ford Scholarship for students excelling in academics and athletics,

-David Baily Scholarship for students who show great promise,

-Scholarships in memory of Lucile Erwin and John Stewart for future teachers, -Nolan Scholarship for special education teachers,

-Kaylor Engineering Scholarship, and new for 2022,

-Sathi and Ann Bunyan Music Scholarship.

Loveland Rotary
Academic  Scholarships

Available to seniors from Berthoud High School who demonstrate academic success and have faced a challenge or obstacle in their lives.

Law Office of Brady, McFarland & Lord Scholarship

Available to seniors from Berthoud High School, Ferguson High School Loveland High School, Mountain View High School, and Thompson Valley High School with a 3.0 or high GPA who are attending a 2-year community college program trade school or certification program.

Live Love Laugh Believe Scholarship

Students from Ferguson High School are eligible for this scholarship. Please check with the FHS counseling office for this opportunity. The McKee Ferguson scholarship is not on the TEF application.

McKee Ferguson Scholarship

For students from Loveland and Thompson Valley High Schools who demonstrate academic success and have financial need. First consideration will be given to students entering agriculture/animal science fields of study.

Molly C. Molloy Scholarship

Available to seniors from Loveland High School who can demonstrate academic success and financial need.

Mary Ann & Velma Jean Memorial Scholarship

Available to students who have faced the devastating loss of a parent due to death. Financial need will be a secondary consideration.

Nick Wiesen Memorial Scholarship

Available to seniors with educational drive who plan to attend community college, vocational school, trade school, or a certification program. Student must not be enrolling in a 4-year program and must reside within the boundaries of TSD. GPA is not a priority.

Opportunity Through Education Scholarship

Available to seniors at each high school in Thompson School District. Consideration will be given to GPA, involvement in extracurricular activities, and community service that shows a desire to assist or enhance the quality of life for our community.

Re/MAX Alliance Loveland Office Scholarship

Available to students who plan to pursue a career in any field within the automotive industry.

Road Knights Scholarship

Available to seniors from Loveland High School, with preference given to students who are working while attending school. The award is based on financial need, extracurricular participation, and community involvement.

Sethre Scholarship

Available to a senior from any school in Thompson School District who plans to pursue a career in teaching. The student must have received or plan to receive the meningitis vaccination.

Sierra Marie Krizman Memorial Scholarship

Available to students who have shown initiative and potential but who are not necessarily in the top 15% of their class. Financial need is also considered. One scholarship is reserved for Miss Loveland Valentine for as long as that program continues to exist.

Ted & Mabel Thompson Loveland Valentine Scholarship

Available to seniors from Loveland HS or Berthoud HS who demonstrate financial need to attend a 2-year or 4-year college or vocational school. Strong consideration is given to candidates who participated in high school athletics, show outstanding character and strong work ethic, and plan to pursue a career in veterinary studies, aviation, automotive, agriculture, or forestry.

Tim Gibson Memorial Scholarship

TEF scholarships have impacted the lives and futures of many Thompson School District students.
Thank you for being part of this life-changing program.
These scholarship opportunities depend on our community.