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Attendees stand and applaud for TEF Educator of the Year


Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Embassy Suites Loveland

6:30am: Coffee/networking

7-8am: Breakfast/program

A celebration to recognize innovation and excellence in education.
This annual community event features TEF's Educator of the Year awards

2023 Educator of the Year Award Nominees:

TEF Trailblazing Thompson LOGO

Jacquie Adams

Lisa Adams

Heather Anderton

Robert Arrington

Eli Bacher

Danielle Balliet

Jennifer Bass

Wendy Bennington

Tara Bloomquist

Lauri Brandt

Brittany Brophy

Kristina Brown

Ashley Chaloupka

Amy Cheese

Mallory Clasquin

Jessica Collins

Jacqueline Conners

Megan Courtright

Kayla Donovan

Kaliah Dothard

Robert Eberle

Suzanne Ellis

Kelly Evans

Sydney Fixmer

Jessica Galvin

Amy Gebhardt

Joshua George

Angela Geraghty

Nicole Graber

Brandy Grieves

Kimberly Hardouin

Jane Harmon

Suzanne Hass

Wade Henderson

Kelsey Huard

Will Janz

Maddie Karanevich

Robin Keen

Erin Kennedy

Matthew Knox

Michael Kurtz

Jeremy Lanter

Angela Lee

Michelle Liakas

Joe Manning

Anthony Marchesano

Sara Maurer

Jessica May

Jessica Mueller

Allison Munoz

Lindsay Nelson

Ashley Norvell

Aidan O'Connell

Sabrina Opila

Sharon Ore

Jeremy Pett

Shawn Pitts

Karla Quinones

Kristen Richardson

Kelsey Rosten

Julia Sanders

Susan Scott

Courtlynn Seaton

Christine Smith

Ryan Smith

Valerie Smith

Emily Snowdon

Suzanne Stewart

Ryan Stillahn

JT Thompson

Afton Valerio

Jennifer Vandenberg

Laura Wahr

Richard Waite

Caroline Walden

Sarah Walgast

Jessica Wheeler

Abby Whiting

Bob Williams

Marie Williams

Rachel Woods

Rachel Worth

2022 Educator of the Year award recipients

TEF Impact

  • 15,000+ TSD students supported by TEF's programs, grants and scholarships each school year

  • 1 in 10 students receive a school supply filled backpack each year from the Help Kids Succeed program

  • Over 800 unhoused TSD students receive support to overcome barriers to classroom success with a focus on unaccompanied youth

  • Over a quarter million dollars in post-secondary scholarships are awarded to TSD students each year

  • Music and arts programs are supported at each school

  • Annual coordinated field trips for each 2nd grade (History Days) and 4th grade (Bobcat Ridge) student

  • Classroom, district and travel grants awarded to TSD teachers to enhance curriculum and learning opportunities in schools and classrooms

  • Recognition of educator excellence with the annual Educator of the Year community nomination and award process

  • The Dr. Stan Scheer Memorial Student Opportunity Fund provides financial support that removes barriers for TSD students to embrace individual academic, leadership, recognition and extracurricular opportunities that would be inaccessible because of financial need

A Virtual Event
April 8



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Educator of the Year



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