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TEF grants fund educational experiences for students and staff in Thompson School District.

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Great Idea Grant

Great Idea Grant

TEF awards Great Idea Grants to TSD teachers and staff for the purpose of implementing an innovative project within education and instruction to enhance the student learning experience. A teacher or staff member may be selected to receive a grant up to $2,000.


(Access code: GREAT IDEA)

Application period: Closed

2022 - 2023 Grant Recipients:

Early Childhood Language and Literacy Enrichment Project (Katharine Adams, Lincoln Early Childhood)


Sound & Light Garden (Robyn Davies, Laurene Edmondson Elementary School)


Founders Grant

TEF awards Founders Grants to Thompson School District schools for student-centered experiences that take place school-wide, not just in a specific classroom. Grant requests up to $2,000 will be considered and will be issued to schools, rather than individual teachers. The amount of funds awarded may vary from year to year. TEF will consider grant requests exceeding $2,000 on a limited basis.

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(Access code: FOUNDERS)

Application period: Closed


Additional Information:

  • Grant applications may be read by non-educators, so avoid educational jargon and acronyms. It is beneficial to provide background information on programs, curriculum being used and general information that may not be known by people reviewing the application. 

  • All grant projects must adhere to TSD policies and procedures. Projects are reviewed for safety and legal concerns and may be denied based on either of these criteria.

  • Any equipment, materials or supplies purchased with Founders Grant Funds become the property of TSD.

  • Grant recipients will be required to submit a final report of their project and receipts to the foundation by May 31, 2020. Report guidelines and format will be sent to each to each recipient. Failure to provide the required report by the deadline will disqualify the applicant for future TEF grant consideration. TEF will pay a visit to the recipient's classroom during project implementation to shoot video of the activities, which will be shared with others at TEF events and online. Details will be provided to grant recipients.

  • The following are NOT funded by Founders Grants:

    • Grants to individuals

    • Teacher re-licensure

    • Reimbursement for a project that has been completed or is currently covered under the school's budget

    • School fundraising events (fun runs, bake sales, silent auctions, etc.)

    • Sponsorship of school fundraising events (table purchases, centerpieces, decorations, etc.)

    • Registration fees/transportation for student attendance at conferences, events or camps


Encore Grant

TEF awards Encore Grants to previous Great Idea and Founders Grant recipients that can show growth opportunities in their funded projects. Encore Grant applications for 2022-2023 are intended for Great Idea or Founders Grants that were awarded in the 2020-2021 or 2021-2022 granting cycle. TEF will award up to $1,000 for Encore Grants.

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Application period: Closed

(Access code: ENCORE)


Windows on the World (WOW) Travel Grant

The Windows on the World (WOW) Travel Grant provides a teacher or teachers with up to $3,500 to complete an educational travel experience to a domestic or international destination. The experience is expected to enhance the teacher's classroom skills, expand curriculum options, and benefit students. When possible, the teacher's gained skills and knowledge should also be shared with their peers in the school and throughout the district.

Old Globe

This grant is sponsored by the Hiatt Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Jeff & Mary Hiatt committed to the grant program as a way to extend their gratitude to the teachers who were so influential in the lives of their children, as well as to recognize and honor the exceptional work of all teachers in Thompson School District.

Application period:  Open until Friday, January 6, 11:59pm
Please see guidelines below before starting your application


WOW Grant Recipients:

  • 2022 - Nick Divine (Spain)

  • 2020 - Laura LaBelle (Mexico)

  • 2019 - Aspen Lindley (Africa) & Kristie Livermore (France)

  • 2018 - Amy Pasch (Canada) & Justin Muir (Italy)

  • 2017 - Laura Light-Kovacs (Hungary) & Simon Hoepfner (Spain)

(Access code: WOW)

WOW Grant Guidelines

  • Travel must be completed after the spring semester ends and before the teacher’s contract begins in the fall semester.

  • PreK-12 licensed teachers at a public school located within the boundaries of Thompson School District will be eligible. Awardee must be willing to participate on the selection committee for new candidates for up to three years following their award.

  • Teacher applicants must be licensed employees, in good standing, of Thompson School District at the time of application. If employment status changes after a grant is awarded, the grant would be forfeited. Applicants must have completed a minimum of a one-year employment contract with TSD to be eligible to apply.

  • The $3,500 award can be used for transportation, lodging, food, classes, and other associated travel expenses relevant to the grant. Additional travel undertaken by the teacher outside of the grant purpose will not be funded by the WOW Grant.

  • The WOW Grant is not intended as a salary.

  • The WOW Grant cannot be used for travel to a conference UNLESS the conference is just one part of a longer stay in a country/location. To be true to the spirit of the WOW grant, the recipient needs to experience the local culture and sites, not the inside of a conference hotel.

  • The 2023 award recipient's travel may still be impacted by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and guidelines. Recipient will agree to all COVID-19 restrictions of their travel country. Recipient will agree to purchase adequate travel insurance. TEF will not be responsible for any cancellation, accident or illness resulting from WOW grant travel.