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Field Trips

TEF sponsors curriculum-based field trips for all 2nd grade and 4th grade students each year in addition to occasional opportunities. The 2nd grade students align with their local history requirement and visits the Rialto Theater, Loveland Museum and Lone Tree School. Students in 4th grade enhance their science curriculum with a visit to Bobcat Ridge Natural Area and the Big Thompson River Simulation.

image of students in potato sack race

Second Grade

All 2nd grade classrooms are invited to attend History Days each May as part of their local history curriculum. This field trip is supported by the Lola Johnson Field Trip Fund and organized by the Loveland Museum.

image of students at Loveland Museum Gallery

Fourth Grade

Each 4th grade classroom visits Bobcat Ridge Natural Area and the Big Thompson River Simulation as part of their science curriculum. This is provided through an endowment that funds the field trips each year.

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