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12 Days of Christmas Jokes!

December 13:

What is a tiger's favorite Christmas carol?

"Jungle Bells"

Christmas Tree Ornament

December 14:

Who works construction at the North Pole?

The crane-deer!

Christmas Handmade Decorations

December 15:

What did the lobster give his teacher for Christmas?

A crab apple!

Christmas Tree Pick Up

December 16:

What type of cars

do elves drive?


Christmas Tree Ornament

December 17:

Why does Scrooge love

all of the reindeer?

Because every buck is deer to him!

Christmas Presents

December 18:

Where does Santa

keep his suit?

In his claus-et!

Christmas Decorations

December 19:

What is a snowman's

favorite food?

A brrr-ito!

Christmas Lights

December 20:

What's a math teacher's

favorite Christmas candy?


Christmas Dinner

December 21:

Why was the polar bear

upset with her grades?

They were all 20

below zero!

Christmas Interior Decor

December 22:

What does the cow

play on Christmas?

Christmas moo-sic!

Christmas Baking

December 23:

What's the most

dangerous cookie?

The ninja-bread man!

Red Christmas Baubles

December 24:

What's Santa's

favorite candy?

Jolly Ranchers!

Christmas Vibes
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