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Windows On The World (WOW)
Travel Grant

The WOW Grant application is closed for 2018.

The Windows on the World (WOW) travel grant provides a teacher (or teacher team) with $3,500 to complete an educational travel experience to a domestic or international destination. The intent is for the teacher to experience a subject matter in another culture and bring that experience back to Thompson School District (TSD), enhancing the teacher’s classroom skills and/or curriculum and benefiting the teacher’s students. Travel must be completed after school has ended in the spring semester and before the teacher’s contract begins in the fall semester. PreK-12 classroom teachers at a public school located within the boundaries of Thompson School District will be eligible.

Reporter Herald Article - Travels Bring World to the Classroom 10/30/2017

2017 WOW Grant Recipients

Simon Hoepfner
Spanish Teacher
Berthoud High School

Hoepfner will travel to Spain to follow the “Route of the Spanish Language.” As a high school Spanish teacher, his journey will increase his knowledge of vocabulary, accents and dialects as he immerses himself in Castilian Spanish. The history and culture Hoepfner experiences as well as the increase in language skills will benefit the students in his Berthoud High School classroom and will also be shared with other TSD world language teachers. While he travels, Hoepfner will gather authentic and contemporary source documents (phone books, newspapers, etc.) that students can use during translation exercises. Check out his travel journal!

Laura Light-Kovacs
Social Studies Teacher
Thompson Valley High School

Light-Kovacs will study the Syrian refugee crisis in Hungary to evaluate how the situation has impacted local governments and economies and changed the political landscape of Hungary’s immigration policies. During her travels, Light-Kovacs will conduct interviews with border guards, police, professors at a local university, and local city officials. She will also travel to refugee camps to interview the refugees about their experiences. This study will offer a wide range of opportunities for students to engage with primary sources and practice their literacy skills by reading the interviews, paired with various news reports, to create a deeper and more personal level of understanding.

 The (WOW) travel grant was initiated by The Hiatt Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Jeff and Mary Hiatt committed to the grant program as a way to extend their gratitude to the teachers who were so influential in the lives of their children as well as to recognize and honor the exceptional work of all teachers in TSD. Tracy & Greg Roller and Lisbeth & Earl Sethre are also contributors to the 2017 grants.