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Thompson Education Foundation Scholarship Funds and Scholarship Partners Award $224,650 in 2017 Support Media Release 7/20/2017

Please see the Guidance Office at each high school to learn more about the application process for the scholarships listed below. It is not guaranteed that every scholarship will be offered each year. Unless otherwise indicated, students from all Thompson School District high schools may apply.

Berthoud High School Scholarship
Awarded to BHS students only.

Christine (Chris) Lewis-Hastings Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was created in memory of Chris Lewis-Hastings by her family. Funds a scholarship(s) for female LHS students in the top 10% of their class who are involved in extracurricular activities such as team sports, student council, NHS, or other leadership endeavors. Preference is given to students who will continue their education in the areas of health or wellness-related areas. 

Erna & Neil Mentzer Music Scholarship
Two $500 scholarships annually to graduating students who will continue their education in the area of instrumental music study. Preference is given to instrumental music study students but vocal music study applications may be given consideration. Recipients may reapply for the scholarship on an annual basis as long as they remain enrolled in the area of instrumental or vocal music study.

Karl J. Weaver Scholarship
Up to one scholarship a year for a LHS student who demonstrates excellence in French.

Loveland Contractors Vocational/Trade Scholarship

Provides support for students attending vocational or trade schools who have an interest in pursuing a career in the construction industry, which includes any activity within the industry. This scholarship is for students in Loveland schools; BHS students are not eligible.

Loveland Golden K Kiwanis Foundation Scholarships

Preference will be given to students attending community college or vocational training who need financial assistance to pursue their education. Consideration will be given to students based on their academic and extracurricular activity performance.

Loveland Rotary CTE Scholarships
The following are those designated as two-year program scholarships.

  1. Any Career Goal: Students overcoming life or financial challenges.
  2. Trades: Students bound for hands-on trade schools demonstrating interest and potential in field.
  3. Auto Technology: Students bound for auto technology training demonstrating interest and potential in field.
  4. Special Education: Students bound for training as Special Education teachers or therapists.

Lucile Erwin Scholarship
One scholarship per year. Funding comes from family and friends of the late Lucile Erwin.

Opportunity Through Education Scholarship
Assists students who reside within the boundaries of Thompson School District. This academic scholarship does not place a priority on GPA, but rather focuses on students with the drive and ability to take the next step in their education goals.

Nick Wiesen Scholarship Fund
The Nick Wiesen Scholarship Fund has been established at Thompson Education Foundation in memory of Thompson School District employee, Nick Wiesen. Annually, the scholarship will support a student graduating from a high school within Thompson School District. Scholarship eligible students will have faced the devastating loss of a parent due to death.

Road Knights Scholarship
One scholarship per year to provide support for students that have an interest in pursuing a career in the automotive industry, which includes any activity within the industry.  

Sierra Marie Krizman Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was created in memory of Sierra Krizman by her family and may be awarded to a graduating senior who will continue his/her education towards a career in teaching. The student must have received or plan to receive the meningitis vaccination.

Ted and Mabel Thompson Loveland Valentine Scholarship
Up to six awards annually for students who have shown initiative and potential, but who are not necessarily in the top fifteen percent of their class. Financial need is also considered. One scholarship is reserved for Miss Loveland Valentine, as long as that program continues in existence.

Tim Gibson Memorial Scholarship
Provides an annual need-based college scholarship to a Loveland High School or Berthoud High School senior.